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Southwest Pacific Ocean and Climate Circulation Experiment


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Recent references related to SPICE

SPICE Report 2013: Ganachaud, A., M. Bowen, G. Brassington, W. Cai, S. Cravatte, R. Davis, L. Gourdeau, T. Hasegawa, L; Hill, N. Holbrook, W. Kessler, C. Maes, A. Melet, B. Qiu, K. Ridgway, D. Roemmich, A. Schiller, U. Send, B. Sloyan, J. Sprintall, C. Steinberg, P. Sutton, J. Verron, M. Widlansky, P. Wiles “Advances from the Southwest Pacific Ocean Circulation and Climate Experiment (SPICE).” CLIVAR Newsletter Exchanges 18, no. 61 (2013): 16–23.

Peer-reviewed or submitted; post-2006



*** JGR-Ocean special issue on the Western Pacific Circulation and Climate ***

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